Something On My Mind

Dr. Peter Rork Talks About His Charitable Organization; Dog is My CoPilot

September 14, 2020

In this episode David and Cindy field the financial question of the week from a listener asking how to evaluate debt-to-income ratio (DTI). They explain how to calculate it, what to watch for in your budget, and how it used for evaluation when buying a home.

Next, they interview Dr. Peter Rork, the co-founder of Dog is MyCoPilot. He created a charity where used his own airplane to fly dogs and cats to adoption shelters to save them from being euthanized. He has saved over 15,000 dogs and cats over the past eight years. 

In the Coronavirus montage they cover the story of a man who custom built a bar just for squirrels and the story of a man who nursed a mouse back to health after it somet of his marijuana plants.



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